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For 'Une Libération':


 -"Marion Kerr's performance is remarkable..." - NYC Indie Film Fest

 - Review by Jared Mobarak

 - "Marion Kerr once again proving that she's one of indie cinema's most diverse and talented actresses..." -The Independent Critic


For 'Lucid':


- "The film’s two lead performers Marion Kerr and Ross Marquand are startlingly convincing.”

- Review by Film Threat

- "Kerr is phenomenal..." -Jared Mobarak

- Review by The Girl Who Loves Horror


For 'Far':


- "[Kerr] is an actress whose delightful screen presence, perfectly calibrated between joy, confusion, innocent allure and the temperance of the best comedic screen acting." - Sergio Leone & the Infield Fly Rule

- Review by The Independent Critic

-"Marion’s portrayal of Hannah is just downright fun." - Film Snobbery


For 'Lines':


-"As Emily, Marion Kerr breathes life into a young woman who seems as if she’s wringing all the life she can out of her final breaths of existence. Marion Kerr is an actress who seems able to find the emotional center of every character she portrays, and this portrayal should have Joe Wright knocking on her door." -Richard Propes


For 'Heart of Now':

- "...a heartbreaking and effective performance by Marion Kerr" - Ain't It Cool News

- "Marion Kerr as Amber delivers a performance that is both poignant and understated." - Cinema Speakeasy


-"Heart of Now is a gradual build to its eventual payoff; its cathartic climax will leave you devastated by Kerr and McCracken’s subtly brilliant performances, their explosion of pain long left buried making way for a chance at redemption in a world often appearing to lack such possibility..." -Jared Mobarak


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