On Set & Festivals

Still from "Mona"

Still from "Overland"

Still from "R+G"

Still from "Hacking Reality"

Cast of "Invitation to Love" performing during Serial Killers at Sacred Fools Theater Company

Acting Panel at the Phoenix Film Fest with co-star Bonnie Root

Premiere of "Disappearing Inka" with writer/director, producer and composer.

LA Premiere of "Cruel Hearts" with producer, writer/director and co-star.

On set with Eddie Jemison on "Cruel Hearts".

Behind the scenes pic from "Bad Luck Dandelion"

With Director David Jakubovic on the set of "What is Reality?"

Still from "What is Reality?"

'Sister Julia' in "Jane the Virgin

As Dr. Kimber Anderson in "Love Touch Hate".

With Ross Marquand in "Une Liberation".

2014 Hollyshorts Film Festival.