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Marion Kerr



I was born and raised in Sacramento, CA.

My father was born in Paris, France and my mother was born in Washington, D.C.

I have one sister, Vivian, who is also an actor. She's my best friend.

I love traveling and have been fortunate enough to have visited France, Switzerland, Italy,  Panama, China, Mexico,  Hong Kong, the Bahamas and parts of Eastern Europe. I also lived in London for a summer.

I love soccer and have played all my life.

I graduated from UC Irvine with a B.A. in theatre, a minor in political science and a mix of dread and determination to meet the "real world".

My car died the day I moved to Los Angeles. I was towed into my new life here.

My grandparents were journalists and if I wasn't an actor, that's probably what I'd be doing.

I am a huge fan of Katharine Hepburn and own about two dozen biographies on her. My favorite film is "The Philadelphia Story".

If my life could be any movie genre, I'd pick "adventure serial". Like those 1940s Dick Tracy serials or Indiana Jones. Sounds like fun.


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